Pawn Your Items

Mesa Pawn Shop is a great solution if you need cash today. Our goal is to provide your pawn loan fast at competitive, fair rates, so you’ll tell your friends to visit us.
When you pawn at our shop, you usually have a choice. You can sell your items to us and leave with cash, or pawn them in exchange for a loan. When you repay your pawn loan, you’ll get your items back.

What Can You Pawn?

Bring in anything in good condition that has value. We prefer popular items that others wish to buy. The most popular things to pawn are listed on our page: Items We Buy and Sell.

Our Pawn Shop Process

When you pawn the process is simple:

  • Bring your items to our pawn shop. We have to see them to evaluate what they are worth.
  • We’ll make an offer to buy them or give you a pawn loan.
  • If you sell them, we’ll pay you in cash and you’re done!
  • If you pawn them, no credit check is done, but you do fill out a simple application and sign an agreement to pay interest on the pawn loan.
  • When you pay off your pawn loan in time, your items are returned to you.
  • If you don’t pay the loan on time, we sell your items to recoup our loan costs. We do not report unpaid pawn loans to any credit agency.

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