With the price of gold at all-time highs, it’s a great time to consider selling any jewelry you have that you no longer need. You may also wish to sell gold or jewelry to raise cash during these poor economic times. You my be pleasantly surprised to learn gold jewelry you bought years ago is worth much more than you originally paid.

Mesa Pawn Shop will pay you a fair price for any gold, platinum or silver jewelry of value you have, even broken or damaged gold pieces in any form which can be melted down and made into new gold jewelry. Just bring in to our pawn shop whatever you have, and our staff will evaluate the value of your gold pieces and jewelry and make you an offer. We’ll pay you in cash.

You can evaluate your gold jewelry’s value at home before you visit our pawn shop. Inspect your pieces closely, perhaps with a magnifying glass, to find the tiny markings that indicate the gold karat weight. For example, you may find an inscription with “18k”, or “18 karat”, or “18/24″ which all indicate you have 18 karat gold. If there are no markings found, the jewelry may not be gold.

24 karat gold is 100% pure gold. 18 karat gold is 18/24 or 75% gold. 14 karat is 58.3% gold and 10 karat 41.6% gold. After you weigh a gold piece, multiply the total weight by the karat percentage to determine the weight of the gold content. If your scale is measuring in ounces, you need to convert to grams. 28.3495231 grams are 1 ounce.

Be aware that before 1980 when the laws changed, it was not uncommon to mark a slightly higher karat weight on gold jewelry, so an 18k piece may actually be between 17 and 18 karats. Also be aware that some gold jewelry isn’t solid gold, but only gold plated. Our pawn shop can test the jewelry to know if it is solid gold.

Buy Jewelry at a Great Price

Before going to a high-priced jewelry store to buy a ring or necklace, it’s wise to stop by your pawn shop to see what kinds of bargains are in store. You may be surprised to find you can purchase a better ring or necklace that fits your budget that you could in a retail jewelry store.

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